Report 2/23: Environmental quality objective of A Non-Toxic Environment

Sweden’s Environmental Objectives System was adopted by the Riksdag in 1999 and has since been governing for Swedish environmental work. The environmental objectives are followed up annually and an in-depth evaluation of the conditions for reaching the goals is performed at least every four years.

The 2023 in-depth evaluation of the environmental objectives is the seventh of its type and will serve as decision support for the Government’s policies and prioritisations, but also for the planning and prioritisations of public authorities and other actors in their environmental work.

This report is an English translation of the section Report in brief (Rapporten i korthet) which is a summary of the Swedish report "Rapport 3/22: Fördjupad utvärdering av Miljökvalitetsmålet Giftfri miljö”.

Senast uppdaterad 21 februari 2023