Permit for research and development

You can apply for a permit for experimental use of plant protection products for research and development purposes.

You can apply either for a single experiment permit, or for an experimental testing programme permit. The permit is normally granted for a time period of 2 years for single experiments and 5 years for experimental testing programmes. Normally, permission is not granted for treating areas exceeding ten hectares per trial and crop.

A permit may include restrictions regarding the quantity of plant protection product that may be used and what areas that may be treated. Other conditions of use may be included to further reduce the risk of harmful effects on human and animal health, or on the environment. For example, a crop treated in accordance with the permit may not be used for food or feed. The purpose of such a condition of use is to prevent foodstuffs or feed containing residues above approved levels to become part of the chain of food supply. The Swedish National Food Agency is the competent authority on issues related to pesticide residues in treated crops.

The experiments should as far as possible be performed in accordance with:

Those who carry out the experiments in accordance with the permit for an experiment or a testing programme for efficacy, resistance or phytotoxicity of plant protection products should be accredited by SWEDAC, or have the corresponding accreditation in another EU member state, or act as sub-contractor to a body with such accreditation.

Permits for experiments or test programmes involving the release of genetically modified organisms are subject to special examination and review.

Use the form MIP-0020-S to apply for a permit for research and development (currently available in Swedish only) (DOCX 58 kB) , 57.6 kB.

Last published 26 August 2020