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Is the Swedish Chemicals Agency the authority you are looking for? The enforcement of chemicals are divided between different agencies, depending on the use area of the product. This overview table is a guide to finding the competent authority.

Swedish Chemicals Agency

The agency´s task is to improve and strengthen health and environmental legislation concerning chemicals. We check that the industry comply with applicable rules and we handle applications for approval of pesticides before they can be used.

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Swedish Work Environment Authority

The Swedish Work Environment Authority´s goal is to reduce the risk of bad health and accidents and to improve the work environment. Inspectors check compliance with the rules when they inspect working places.

Swedish Work Environment Authority External link.

Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning – Boverket

Boverket is a central government authority assorted under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. They review developments within the fields of housing, building and planning.

Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning - Boverket External link.

The National Electrical Safety Board – Elsäkerhetsverket

The National Electrical Safety Board's mission is to promote high electrical safety and to prevent electrical equipment from interfering with each other. They work with this through supervision of facilities and players in the electricity market, market control of electrical products, regulatory work and preparation of regulations, handling of applications for authorization as an electrical installer, registration of electricity installation companies, standardization work, knowledge building and more.

National Electrical Safety Board – Elsäkerhetsverket External link.

Swedish Poisons Information Centre

The centre can answer questions relating to poisonings 24 hours a day. Call them in the event of an accident. Telephone: 112

Swedish Poisons Information Centre External link.

Swedish Board of Agriculture

The Board of Agriculture is the Government's expert authority in matters of agri-food policy, and is responsible for the agricultural and horticultural sectors to the benefit of us as consumers. The Board is responsible for providing advice and education to professional users of pesticides.

Swedish Board of Agriculture External link.

Swedish Consumer Agency

The agency is responsible for product safety and information and service to consumers together with the municipalities. On konsumenteuropa, advice is given on shopping from another EU member states.

Supervision of the chemical properties of consumer products is carried out in co-operation with the Swedish Chemicals Agency. Consumer guides provide answers to the rights and obligations of consumers´ questions on the website Hallå konsument External link..

Swedish Consumer Agency External link.


The municipal environment and health protection boards are responsible for checking chemical products, pesticides and articles with regard to placing on the market in the retail trade. In cooperation with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency they also are responsible for handling community wastes.

Municipalities, county councils and regions External link.

National Food Agency

The agency works towards ensuring safe food and drinking water. The municipalities, the county administrative boards and the National Food Agency in cooperation check that the manufacturers and distributors of food comply with applicable legislation.

National Food Administration External link.

Medical Products Agency

The agency is responsible for authorising medicinal products for human and veterinary use, including natural remedies.

Cosmetic and hygienic products for human use are monitored by the agency. Such products for animal use are chemical products and monitored by the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

Medical Products Agency External link.

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)

The MSB is responsible to develop, in cooperation with others, the ability of the individual and the civil society to prevent, handle and learn from emergencies and crises.

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency External link.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

The agency monitors the state of the environment and is responsible for the follow-up and evaluation of the work on Sweden´s environmental objectives, which engage many authorities in cooperation.

The agency is an expert authority for chemicals in the form of waste and is responsible for managing disposal of waste in cooperation with the local municipality.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency External link.

Last published 5 October 2022