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Bild på kvinna och man på lager

Guidance for companies

Find the rules for the goods or products your company manufactures, imports or sells.

Närbild på ett par fötter i vattentäta kängor som står precis vid vattenbrynet vid en sjö.

Chemicals and materials

Chemicals are found in all products and materials. Read more about some substances of concern.

Barn som håller i en planta

Advice on chemicals for private persons

Here you can get advice on how to reduce the risk of chemicals in your everyday life.

A girl runnicng on a meadow, hunting soap bubbles.

Unique opportunity to strengthen chemicals management

Read the in-depth evaluation of the Swedish environmental objective A Non-Toxic Environment.

En vandrare i skogen med funktionskläder.

Extensive proposal to stop the "forever chemicals" PFAS

Together with four other countries, we propose a comprehensive restriction on PFAS.

Do you have a question about the chemicals legislation?

Read common questions and answers or contact our helpdesk.