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We are working to reduce the risks to humans and the environment from being harmed by chemicals.

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Time for the annual reporting

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Advanced International Training Programme 2018

ITP 320 – Developing Strategies for National Chemicals Management

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17 species approved as biological pesticides

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has approved the first 17 species of nematodes, insects and arachnids for use as biological pesticides. Therefore, the products earlier authorised by the Swedish Chemicals Agency and expiring at the end of 2017 may be sold and used even after the end of the year.

Requirements for walk-in-tunnels

Plant protection products which are used in walk-in-tunnels must be authorised for such use. The areas of use shall be specified on the label. Use our new guidance if you want to apply for an authorisation for walk-in-tunnels.

New criteria for low-risk active substances in plant protection products

The EU Commission has updated the criteria for low-risk active substances in plant protection products. The new criteria apply from August 28, 2017.

The EU Commission
The EU Commission

Current EU public consultations on chemicals

Share your views on the EU policy and legislation through the EU Public Consultations.

Article image – A mother playing with her two small children in the living room.
Article image – A mother playing with her two small children in the living room.

Action plan for a toxic-free everyday environment 2015–2020

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has been commissioned by the government to continue work on the action plan during 2015-2020 to achieve a non-toxic everyday environment.

Proposal to ban 200 highly fluorinated substances

12/20/2017 Sweden and Germany propose that about 200 highly fluorinated substances (PFASs) are to be banned in the entire EU. The substances have extremely poor degradability in the environment and accumulate in living organisms. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is now holding a public consultation regarding the proposal.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is introducing a reporting requirement for nanomaterials

12/5/2017 The Swedish Chemicals Agency is introducing a new requirement whereby companies reporting products to the Agency’s Products Register must also state whether these products contain nanomaterials. The new regulations come into force on 1 January 2018. This means that information on nanomaterials will be reported for the first time in the Products Register in February 2019.

Swedish initiatives have led to the regulation of close to 40 hazardous chemicals within the EU

9/5/2017 Since 2011, the Swedish Chemicals Agency has taken initiatives for measures in relation to almost 40 hazardous chemicals, which have been regulated within the EU. Thereby, Sweden has taken a leading role in the EU´s work to protect human health and the environment from hazardous substances. This is apparent from the Swedish Chemicals Agency’s report submitted today to the Government of Sweden on its commission to draw up and implement an action plan for a toxic-free everyday environment.

New report: 37 bisphenols may be endocrine disruptors

8/31/2017 In a new report, the Swedish Chemicals Agency identifies 37 bisphenols, in addition to Bisphenol A, that may be found on the European market and which may have endocrine disrupting properties. The Agency will monitor how the bisphenols are being used and endeavour to increase knowledge on the substances.

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