We are working to reduce the risks to humans and the environment from being harmed by chemicals.

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Reporting to the Products Register

Anyone who manufactures or imports chemical products or biotechnical organisms in Sweden has to report to the Products Register.

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Chemicals in children's everyday lives

Visit our website with information and advice on how you can be smart about chemicals – for yourself and for your children.

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Liquids for e-cigarettes

Liquids for e-cigarettes, also known as e-liqiuds, are chemical products covered by several different legislations. Both e-liquids containing nicotine and e-liquids without nicotine are covered by rules, that may apply to you as a manufacturer, importer or distributor.

Guidance on national chemicals control

A new series of guidance documents cover issues important for national chemicals control.

The EU Commission
The EU Commission

Current EU public consultations on chemicals

Share your views on the EU policy and legislation through the EU Public Consultations.

New criteria for low-risk active substances in plant protection products

The EU Commission has updated the criteria for low-risk active substances in plant protection products. The new criteria apply from August 28, 2017.

Article image – A mother playing with her two small children in the living room.
Article image – A mother playing with her two small children in the living room.

Action plan for a toxic-free everyday environment 2015–2020

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has been commissioned by the government to continue work on the action plan during 2015-2020 to achieve a non-toxic everyday environment.

Banned chemicals in e-commerce products

12/17/2018 The Swedish Chemicals Agency has reviewed the chemical contents of toys, jewellery and electronics purchased via e-commerce. 40 of 106 products contained banned chemical substances in concentrations above the limit values specified in the legislation. The results suggest a considerable risk that products from online merchants outside the EU contain banned chemicals.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is introducing a requirement to report PFASs to the Products Register

11/5/2018 The Swedish Chemicals Agency has decided that companies are to be required to provide information on highly fluorinated substances (PFASs) for the agency's Products Register. The new provisions will come into force on 1 January 2019. As a result, information concerning PFASs will have to be reported to the Products Register for the first time in February 2020.

New report: No reason for concern about chemicals in menstrual products

6/26/2018 The risk of negative effects on health from chemicals in menstrual products is low according to a new report published today by the Swedish Chemicals Agency. The Agency has determined and analysed the chemical substances in 35 different sanitary towels, tampons, panty liners and menstrual cups.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency proposes restriction on medium-chained chlorinated paraffins in electronics

6/11/2018 The Swedish Chemicals Agency is proposing that the use of medium-chained chlorinated paraffins (MCCPs) in electrical and electronic equipment is restricted. MCCPs are classified as hazardous to the environment, and some appear to meet the criteria for persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) substances.

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