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Frequently asked questions regarding disinfectants and the coronavirus

Find the answers to the most common questions about the rules for selling or providing disinfectants.


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Biostimulants are exempted from the Plant Protection Products Regulation

The new Regulation on EU fertilising products amends the Plant Protection Products Regulation in order to define plant biostimulants and exempt them from the Plant Protection Products Regulation. The amendments apply from 15 July 2019.

Liquids for e-cigarettes

Liquids for e-cigarettes, also known as e-liquids, are chemical products covered by several different legislations. Both e-liquids containing nicotine and e-liquids without nicotine are covered by rules, that may apply to you as a manufacturer, importer or distributor.

Guidance on national chemicals control

A new series of guidance documents cover issues important for national chemicals control.

The EU Commission
The EU Commission

Current EU public consultations on chemicals

Share your views on the EU policy and legislation through the EU Public Consultations.

Per Ängquist new Director-General of the Swedish Chemicals Agency

9/26/2019 The Government has appointed Per Ängquist as Director-General of the Swedish Chemicals Agency. Per Ängquist takes up his post on 1 October 2019.

Sweden and France propose ban on over a thousand allergenic substances in textiles and leather

4/26/2019 Sweden and France are proposing an EU ban on more than a thousand allergenic substances used in items such as clothing and shoes. According to the proposal, textile and leather items sold to consumers should not contain these substances at levels above certain content thresholds.

France, Hungary the Netherlands and Sweden will jointly carry out the next assessment of glyphosate

4/15/2019 EU Member States have agreed that France, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Sweden will be jointly responsible for the next evaluation of the active substance glyphosate used in plant protection products.

France, Hungary, the Netherlands and Sweden agree to jointly assess glyphosate

3/15/2019 The European Commission is proposing that France, Hungary, the Netherlands and Sweden jointly form the Rapporteur Member State (RMS) for the renewal of the glyphosate approval.

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