Statistics on chemicals in Sweden


Much of the statistical data from the Swedish Chemicals Agency forms part of the Official Statistics of Sweden, and also forms the basis for research, joint planning and public information. The Agency is appointed by the Government to take responsibility for the official statistics in the field of Environmental Accounts and Sustainable Development; Sales and Use of Chemicals.

The statistics are based on information contained in reports on chemical products that must be reported every year to the Products Register on the part of manufacturing and importing companies. Read more about The Products Register and Statistics Sweden. External link.

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Flow analyses of chemical substances

Is turpentine manufactured in Sweden? Which products contain acetic acid? Is nonylphenoletoxylate used in many consumer products? The flow analyses are aimed at addressing questions of this type by searching the flow analyses.

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Quantities of pesticides sold

The quantities of pesticides (active substances) sold have been published since 1979. The Swedish Chemicals Agency took over responsibility for presenting these figures from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in 1985. The statistics are based on the information provided by authorised holders of pesticides.

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Overview tables

How many dishwasher detergents were sold to consumers during one year? Which chemicals were the most common in the metal-working industry? Answers to these questions can be found here.

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The search tool KemI-stat

KemI-stat is a tool for compiling statistical information based on data in the Swedish Chemicals Agency's Products Register and Pesticides Register.

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Last published 30 January 2021