Overview of chemicals

How many dishwasher detergents were sold to consumers during one year? Which chemicals were the most common in the metal-working industry? Answers to these questions can be found here.

The tables are available as PDF and Excel files.

Industrial distribution - products

Table 1 - Number and quantity



Table 1 a - Decreasing quantities




Distribution - product types


Table 2 - Number and quantity



Table 2a - Number and quantity (at a three digits level according to product types)




Danger classification distribution - products


Table 3 - Number and quantity - hazardous to health



Table 3 a - Number and quantity - hazardous to the environment



Table 4 - distribution in percent




Type of product and danger classification


Table 5 - Function



Table 5 a - Industry



Table 5 b - Type of product and danger class



Table 5 c - Industries and danger class



Most common substances


Table 6 - Number



Table 7 - Quantity




Most common substances in consumer products


Table 8 - Number



Table 9 - Quantity




Largest types of products for the most common substances


Table 10 - Largest substances -  number of products



Table 10 a - Largest substances - number of  products available to consumers



Table 11 - Largest types of products for the largest substances, quantity



Table 11 a - Largest types of products for the largest substances in consumer products, quantity




Most common substances by type of product


Table 12




Number of products and quantity by statistical number


Table 13




Most common substances by industry


Table 14




Largest type of product by industry - quantity


Table 15




Type of products with largest quantities by purchasing industry


Table 16


Last published 30 April 2024