Chemicals in our everyday lives

For informed and chemical-smart choices in everyday life and safe handling of hazardous chemical products.

Advice on chemicals in your home

Chemical products and certain articles that are available for purchase in stores and online can pose risks of serious accidents if you do not know how to use them safely. This applies, for example, to drain cleaners, batteries and e-cigarette liquids. Look for the warning label and read the instructions on the packaging before you buy the products, so that you know how to handle them safely.

Here you can get advice on some chemicals that you may have at home

Advice on chemical-smart choices

Some items in your home, such as textiles and electronics, may contain small amounts of harmful chemicals. The amount that comes out of an individual item is so small that it normally does not pose any risk to you. But it is good for both people and the environment to try to reduce the total amount of chemical substances that come out of gadgets. Here you can read our tips and advice on how to do it.

Read our tips and advice on how to make chemical-smart choices.

Chemicals in children's everyday lives

Children are especially sensitive to harmful chemical substances. Therefore, it is good to seek information in order to reduce the risk of children being harmed by chemicals.

Read more about chemicals in children's everyday lives here.

Last published 13 October 2021