Database Aids Businesses in Avoiding PFAS Chemicals

Companies aiming for their products to be free from the 'forever chemicals' PFAS have long faced challenges in identifying which substances to avoid. To assist producers and purchasers, the Swedish Chemicals Agency has published information about nearly 11,000 PFAS substances in a searchable database.

'Many companies are eager to be proactive and start phasing out PFAS, the 'forever chemicals,' from their products ahead of current legislation. To support forerunners, we're updating our database with nearly 11,000 substances. This makes it easier for both manufacturers and purchasers to identify and avoid PFAS,' explains Jessica Norrgran Engdahl, PhD, administrative manager of the PRIO tool at the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

PFAS are synthetic substances widely used in various industries. Their persistence in nature, leading to potential environmental and health hazards, has earned them the nickname 'forever chemicals.' Some PFAS have already been banned. Earlier this year, the Swedish Chemicals Agency, in collaboration with government authorities from Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway, proposed new EU legislation to ban all non-essential uses of PFAS.

Previously, companies wanting to keep ahead of current legal requirements and minimize PFAS in their products lacked a comprehensive list of substances to avoid. Addressing this need, the Swedish Chemicals Agency has now enhanced the PRIO database tool, incorporating information on nearly 11,000 PFAS substances.

All substances listed in PRIO database align with the OECD's PFAS definition from 2021, which was also the basis for this year's legislative proposal.
This expanded database enables manufacturers to ensure their products are PFAS-free. Additionally, it may also be used as support to purchasers when setting chemical-specific requirements on what PFAS substances to avoid when buying or procuring products.

While the PRIO tool isn't an exhaustive list of all PFAS substances worldwide, it offers a unique resource by listing nearly 11,000 substances that meet the OECD's definition.


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