Chemical substances and materials


Everything around us consist of chemical substances and often chemicals are used as additives when manufacturing different materials. Some chemicals can cause serious damage to human health and the environment. Here we have gathered information about some substances and materials that can be harmful if used incorrectly.

Highly fluorinated substances

Highly fluorinated substances, PFOS, PFOA and others, are a group of very stable substances. Some of these degrade very slowly or not at all in the natural environment, while others are transformed into persistent substances. Many of these are bioaccumulative, that is they accumulate in living organisms.

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Mercury is one of the most hazardous environmental toxins and constitutes a threat to both the environment and human health.

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Endocrine disrupting substances

Certain substances can affect the body's hormone system and have adverse effects. Such substances may be found in items such as plastics and pesticides.

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Combination effects of chemicals

Humans and the environment are constantly being exposed to many different chemicals. We know that chemical substances can interact in such a way as to greatly increase risk.

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Liquids for e-cigarettes

Liquids for e-cigarettes, also known as e-liquids, are chemical products covered by several different legislations. Both e-liquids containing nicotine and e-liquids without nicotine are covered by rules, that may apply to you as a manufacturer, importer or distributor.

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Substitution of hazardous substances

Substitution means eliminating or replacing hazardous chemicals in products with less hazardous or non-chemical alternatives. The aim of substitution is to make products safer in terms of both human health and the environment.

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PRIO - a tool for substitution

If you want to work with risk reduction of chemicals in your company's products, you can get help from PRIO. PRIO gives you knowledge about how you can assess which substances can be harmful to health and the environment. You also get a number of examples of substances that you should prioritize to get rid of.

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Last published 28 October 2020