Fees for plant protection products


Application fees for plant protection products

If you want an application for authorisation to be processed by the Swedish Chemicals Agency, you must pay a fee for this. For example you must pay a fee if you are to apply for

  • an authorisation of a new product
  • a renewed authorisation
  • an amendment of an authorisation
  • a parallel trade permit
  • an extended authorisation for minor uses
  • a permit for research and development
  • a derogation for an emergency situation.

When your application has been received by the Swedish Chemicals Agency, you will get a confirmation. Together with the confirmation you will also receive an advice on which fee you should pay and how you should pay us. Please, do not pay the fee until after you have received the confirmation letter or invoice. Normally, we will start processing your application once we know that you have paid the correct fee.

List – Application fees for plant protection products (PDF 287 kB) , 286.8 kB.

Help with calculating your application fee External link.

Application fees for active substances in plant protection products

If you are applying for a new or renewed approval of an active substance in accordance with the Plant Protection Products Regulation, and the Swedish Chemicals Agency is the evaluating authority within the EU, you must pay us a fee in order to have your supporting documents evaluated.

Please, contact the Swedish Chemicals Agency before you submit such an application.

List – Application fees for active substances in plant protection products (in Swedish, PDF 427 kB) , 426.7 kB.

Annual fee for pesticides

If you have had a plant protection product authorised, you or the person representing you (a so-called permanent representative) must pay an annual fee to cover the duration of the period of authorisation. An annual fee shall also be paid if you have received a parallel trade permit for a plant protection product. The annual fee shall be paid as of the calendar year following the year when the product was authorised and no later than the end of the calendar year during which the authorisation applies.

At the start of the year the Swedish Chemicals Agency sends out a request to companies to report the value of their sales of plant protection product during the previous year. Details about the sales value of chemical and biological plant protection products are to be reported separately. The information reported to us serves as the basis for the annual fee that we decide on. A decision on the annual fee is then sent to you. Invoice will come separately. The annual fee is payable no later than 31 May.

There is also a chemical charge, which is the fee paid by companies for reporting their chemical products to the Products Register. However, a company shall not pay both an annual fee for pesticides and a chemical charge to the Products Register for one and the same product.

Read more about the annual fee for pesticides and the chemical charge at the Products Register.

Regulations governing pesticide fees

Regulations for application fees and annual fees for pesticides can be found in the Pesticide Fees Ordinance (2013:63). There are also regulations governing raised annual fees as of 2014 and details of fees for the evaluation of active substances in plant protection products and biocidal products.

Pesticide Fees Ordinance (2013:63) (in Swedish) External link.

Last published 7 March 2024