Pesticides register

The Pesticides Register is a searchable database containing all the pesticides which are approved or which have been approved in the past in Sweden.

The Register also contains decisions relating to these approved pesticides, such as

  • parallel trade permits
  • other names which may be used in addition to the approved names
  • extended areas of use in the case of plant protection products
  • exemptions for products and/or substances used in pesticides.

What is not contained in the Register?

  • pesticides which have never been approved
  • exemptions for research purposes
  • exemptions whose approval expired before 01/01/2014
  • exemptions for substances considered to be general chemicals
  • certain types of biocidal products exempted from the requirement to be approved, such as certain types of disinfectants.

Note that the legislation has changed so that certain products which were previously covered by requirements for approval no longer need to be approved for sale and use.

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Last published 17 March 2024