Training for you who sell plant protection products


Everyone who distributes or sells plant protection products must have taken a training and obtained a certificate for this purpose. The training is given by the Country Administrative Board in accordance with a syllabus decided by the Swedish Chemicals Agency. The training is coordinated with the Swedish Board of Agriculture's training for users of plant protection products.

Since 26 November 2015, everyone who distributes or sells plant protection products must have taken the training and obtained a certificate in order to distribute and sell plant protection products. This applies to all actors in a supply chain and also when selling through e-commerce. The certificate must be renewed no later than every fifth course season.

There must be at least one certified person available at the time of sale of a plant protection product. The person must be able to give customers information about how the product is to be used, the potential hazards to health and the environment, and how the product must be handled in order to reduce the risks. The person holding the certificate does not need to be present in person but may instead be available over the phone.

The training is coordinated with, and the same as the Swedish Board of Agriculture´s training for outdoor users. Distributors who have already taken the Swedish Board of Agriculture´s training on the use of plant protection products, and who have a valid permit, are fulfilling the requirement for a valid certificate for selling and distributing. A distributor who already has a certificate issued by another EU member state can apply to get it mutually recognized in Sweden.

This training requirement is stated in the EU Directive on the sustainable use of pesticides and has been implemented into Swedish legislation, i.e. the Swedish Pesticides Ordinance and in the Swedish Chemicals Agency’s Pesticides Regulations.


Apply to the course on the Swedish Board of Agriculture websiteexternal link

The course you need to take is a basic course on the outdoor use of plant protection products.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the respective County Administrative Board running the course you are interested in.

Syllabuses for the basic course and intermediate course on the outdoor use of plant protection products (in Swedish, PDF 514 kB)

Read more in the rules

The Pesticides Ordinance (2014:425) (in Swedish)external link

The Swedish Chemicals Agency Pesticides Regulations (KIFS 2008:3) (in Swedish)

The EU Directive on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides (Directive 2009/128/EC)external link

Last published 26 August 2020