Chemical charge

The chemical charge is the charge that companies that notify chemical products to the product register pay. If the total volume of all your notifiable products is at least 1,000 kg per year, you must pay a chemical charge. The chemical charge is coordinated with the annual fees for pesticides.

The chemical charge consists of two parts: a Register charge and a chemical charge based on quantity. The total charge is based on the following:

  • an annual Register charge of SEK 600 for each product or organism, although not exceeding SEK 70,000 a year
  • an annual quantity charge of SEK 12 per tonne of products or organisms, although not exceeding SEK 70,000 per year.

This charge shall be paid in arrears and is based on the annual accounting report of numbers of products and quantities.

If you have a permit in your capacity as a commercial agent and you are reporting products on behalf of another party, you must in your capacity as an agent pay the chemical charge to the Products Register.

If you have a pesticide authorised

The chemical charge is the fee paid by companies for reporting their chemical products to the Products Register. However, a company should not pay both an annual fee for pesticides and a chemical charge to the Products Register for the same product.

If you have had a pesticide authorised, you or the person representing you (a so-called permanent representative) must pay an annual fee to cover the duration of the period of authorisation. An annual fee shall also be paid if you have received a parallel trade permit for a plant protection product or a biocidal product.

The annual fee shall be paid as of the calendar year following the year when the product was authorised and no later than the end of the calendar year during which the authorisation applies. At the start of the year the Swedish Chemicals Agency sends out a request to companies to report the value of their sales of pesticides during the previous year. Details about the sales value of chemical and biological plant protection products, respectively biocidal products are to be reported separately. The information reported to us serves as the basis for the annual fee that we decide on. A decision on the annual fee is then sent to you. Invoice will come separately. The annual fee is payable no later than 31 May.

Annual fees for pesticides 2017-2021

Type of product


Minimum fee (SEK)

Maximum fee (SEK)

Chemical pesticide

5,5 % of the sales value for each authorised product



Biological pesticide

1.3 % of the total sales value for the authorised products



Application fee for pesticides

When applying for authorisation for a biocidal product or a plant protection product, you must pay a fee for the evaluation of the application.

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Last published 9 January 2023