Commercial agent

A company must apply in writing to the Swedish Chemicals Agency for a permit to become a commercial agent.

If you have a commercial agent permit and you are reporting products and quantities on behalf of another party, you must pay a chemical charge to the Products Register.

If you engage a commercial agent

If you engage a commercial agent to register your products, you must nevertheless report your activity to the Products Register.

Even though you are engaging a commercial agent, you are responsible for ensuring that your products are reported. Check with your agent to ensure that the information is submitted.

The Company Register lists companies that have obtained permits by acting as commercial agents.

Permits 2021

All companies with permits to act as commercial agent during 2020 will automatically be prolonged to be valid through 2021.

During 2021 a review will take place of the requirements for holding a permit for a commercial agent.

Last published 1 December 2020