Information to foreign companies

Suppliers who are providing composition information to their customers

In some cases, the company obligated to report their products to the Products Register does not have access to the composition for the products. For example, a Swedish company importing a product into Sweden from a foreign supplier is obligated to report the product, but the foreign supplier is the only one that has access to the product composition. In these cases, the foreign supplier can send their composition directly to the Products Register, without the customer having access to it.

The information about the product composition is called a Product-in-product (PiP). Once it is registered in our system, it is given a registration number, a so called A- number. The A-number can then be used as a reference to the product composition by the foreign supplier in communications with their Swedish customer in order for them to fulfil their obligation to report the product properly.

You can report Product-in-product in two ways:

  1. By our web-portal External link.. If your company previously have been reporting by paper form, please contact the Products Register by to get access to your company’s record online.
  2. By paper form below.

Declaration of product in product (PDF 37 kB) , 36.4 kB.

Declaration of product in product (DOC 78 kB) , 77.5 kB.

More information on registration of chemical compositions by suppliers of chemical products (fact sheet in English)

Last published 21 February 2024