Secrecy and handling of data in the Products Register

The Swedish Chemicals Agency compiles statistics on chemicals which are freely available. However, these statistics are subject to confidentiality agreements, meaning that only aggregated information is released. Companies submitting information to the Swedish Chemicals Agency can be assured that confidential information will not be publicly released.

The main rule is that information about the product composition, quantity and supplier name is protected by secrecy provisions, if it can be assumed that the individual party will suffer if the data be disclosed.

Only registry staff are authorised to register and retrieve product information in the database. Each request to obtain information in the database is handled separately and after a secrecy assessment has been made.

Parties submitting data to the Products Register have only access to their own data. Data provided by other informants, for example a supplier in another country, are protected by a particular security marking in the database, which means that the data are available to no other party than the register staff.

Suppliers in other countries can report information about the product composition directly to the Products Register. This information is registered as a 'co-product' or 'product-in-product' and is given a registration number (A number), which the reporting company can use as a reference in contacts with the register staff.

Provisions on secrecy applicable to the operations of the Swedish Chemicals Agency are contained in the Public Access to Secrecy Act and Ordinance and it is therefore not possible for the Agency to sign a secrecy agreement not to communicate data contained in the register.

Further information about secrecy and confidentiality (PDF 49 kB) , 48.5 kB.

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Last published 15 July 2020