About the Products Register


The Swedish Chemicals Agency uses the Products Register to store information on chemical products and biotechnical organisms that are manufactured in or transferred or imported into Sweden and information on the ways in which these are being used. Examples of such information are the product's area of use, its function, composition, volumes, and health and environmental classification.

How is the information used?

The Swedish Chemicals Agency uses the information in the Products Register to provide statistics on the use of chemicals to the Official Statistics of Sweden, External link.for the purpose of inspection, and for elaborating the rules and reducing the risks to health and the environment.

Other authorities and organisations, researchers, the press and several other parties also use the information given in the Products Register. All information derived from the Register is provided in compliance with the Public Access and Secrecy Act (2009:400). External link.

The manufacturers or persons importing a product into Sweden are those most capable of answering questions on the content of that product. Information on companies reporting products to the Products Register is available in our Company Register. External link.

The Products Register in figures

  • About 2,500 companies are obliged to provide information to the Products Register.
  • During 2017 these companies reported a total of about 100,000 products.
  • The Register contains information on more than 200,000 chemical products.

Product registers in the Nordic countries

Product registers containing information on chemical products are also administered in Norway External link., Denmark External link.and Finland External link.. Information on how chemicals are used in the Nordic countries is available in the joint database SPIN. External link.

Last published 4 September 2023