Parallel trade permit

To use or place a plant protection product on the Swedish market, the product must be authorised in Sweden. For some products you can apply for a so called parallel trade permit.

You may obtain a parallel trade permit in Sweden for a plant protection product authorised in another EU country if it is identical to a product already authorised in Sweden. The holder of a parallel trade permit may import and sell such a product on the Swedish market.

A parallel trade permit applies for the same period as the authorisation of the product already authorised in Sweden (the reference product). The areas of use and other conditions applying to the reference product also apply to the product covered by the parallel trade permit.

A plant protection product is regarded as identical to the reference product if

  • it has been manufactured by the same company or an associated company or else under licence using identical manufacturing processes,
  • it has identical active substances, safeners and so-called synergists in the specification, and identical concentration levels and form of preparation
  • it contains the same or comparable additives and has the same packaging or shape that guarantees the safety of the product as regards human or animal health or the environment.

In the Pesticides Register you can find information on all plant protection products which are or have been authorised for use and placing on the market in Sweden. If the product is not in the Register, this might be because it has never been authorised in Sweden.

Go to the Pesticides Register External link.

Use the form MIP-0017-E to apply for a parallel trade permit (dotx 84 kB) , 73.2 kB.

Last published 29 April 2022