EU rules on mercury

The EU Regulation on mercury is one of the global efforts to reduce the risk of humans and environment being exposed to mercury. The Regulation restricts the import of mercury and certain mixtures of mercury to the EU. Export of mercury to countries outside the EU is also banned. The Regulation also includes rules on certain types of products that contain mercury, use of amalgam, use of mercury in industrial activities and how mercury waste shall be stored and disposed of.

Mercury is also restricted in certain types of articles and chemical products through several other EU regulations. Examples of such regulations is mercury in wood preservatives, measuring devices and electronics.

The REACH Regulation

The ROHS Directive

The PIC Regulation

The Toys Directive

The Batteries Directive

The Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive

There are also rules on mercury and articles containing mercury only applicable in Sweden.

Last published 6 December 2023