Agency Regulations (KIFS)

The Swedish Chemical Agency's Regulations are published in the Code of Statutes of the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KIFS), and are available in Swedish only.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has four basic regulations: KIFS 2005:7, KIFS 2008:3, KIFS 2017:7 and KIFS 2017:8. These are changed by amendments, which are listed under each regulation. Details about the amendments are available on the Swedish webpages. Many EU rules are also implemented in the regulations of the Agency and in regulations of other Swedish authorities.

KIFS 2005:7 - Classification and Labelling Regulations

These Regulations applied in parallel with Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 on the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures (CLP) until 1 June 2015. A transitional period for mixtures applies until 1 June 2017, during which time labelling must comply with CLP. KIFS 2005:7 incorporates provisions on explosive, oxidising and flammable properties taken from the EU Directives that previously applied.

KIFS 2005:7, consolidated version (PDF 1380 kB, in Swedish) , 1.4 MB, opens in new window.

KIFS 2008:3 - Pesticides Regulations

These Regulations include, for example, national provisions and exemptions from EU rules. KIFS 2008:3 comprises requirements for packaging and labelling and information about bans on the sale and use of substances that are and are not permitted to be included in pesticides or biocidal products.

KIFS 2008:3, consolidated version (PDF 1337 kB, in Swedish) , 1.3 MB.

KIFS 2017:7 Chemical products and Biotechnical Organisms Regulations

The regulation complements both EU law and Swedish legislation. The regulation includes rules for the storage of hazardous chemical products, registration to the product register, including nanomaterials, requirements for very hazardous chemical products, chlorinated solvents, volatile organic compounds in certain waters and varnishes, mercury and mercury products, formaldehyde in wood-based boards, electrical and electronic equipment and GMOs.

KIFS 2017:7, consolidated version (PDF 1240 kB, in Swedish) , 423.4 kB, opens in new window.

KIFS 2017:8 Regulations on flammability and the chemical properties of toys

The regulation applies in addition to provisions on EU level and complements the Swedish Act (2011: 579) on Toy Safety. The regulation includes provisions on flammability and chemical properties of toys.

KIFS 2017:8, consolidated version (PDF 325 kB, in Swedish) , 324.4 kB, opens in new window.

Last published 2 February 2022