Genmodifierade organismer - GMO

A genetically modified organism (GMO) is changed in the gene pool in a way which cannot occur naturally. All activities regarding genetically modified organisms are regularized by law. In Sweden, the legal responsibility for gene technology is divided between several authorities.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is responsible for testing those micro-organisms, as well as nematodes, insects and arachnids, which are genetically modified.

This responsibility comprises:

  • deliberate release into the environment
  • products which contain or consist of genetically modified micro-organisms, nematodes, arachnids and insects and are placed on the market.

Issues regarding gene technology which concern other genetically modified organisms, such as plants, feed, aquatic organisms and medicinal products, are the responsibility of other agencies.

The distribution of responsibility between different authorities. 

The distribution of responsibility between different authorities.

Chapter 13 of the Environmental Code (1998:808) on genetic engineering External link.
(in Swedish)

Regulation (2002:1086) on release of genetically modified organisms into the environment External link.
(in Swedish)

Swedish Chemicals Agency’s Regulation (KIFS 2017:7) on chemical products and biotechnical organisms
(in Swedish)

The Swedish Gene Technology Advisory Board is a Government authority with the task to monitor developments in the field of gene technology at a national as well as an international level. Here, you may find information about other regulations concerning GMO as well as information about the other authorities also responsible for the GMO.

Go to the Swedish Gene Technology Advisory Board’s website. External link.

Last published 14 April 2021