Tillsyn 4/23: Tillsyn av antibakteriella underkläder 2022

This report is a summary over the results from The Swedish Chemicals Agency enforcement project regarding antibacterial underwear and feminine care products. The project was carried out in autumn 2022 and the report is aimed at companies, other authorities and consumers.

In this project we examined 17 underwear and feminine care products in fabric with potential biocidal content. The biocides are usually added to provide a more hygienic and odourless product. We purchased the controlled articles during the autumn of 2022 from 16 different web-based companies. Control of labelling and biocidal additives in the articles showed that many companies lacked knowledge of the labelling requirements for treated articles. The feminine care products with biocidal treatment stated at the product, and with correct labelling, came from Swedish companies.

Last published 2 October 2023