Enforcement 8/23: Plan for enforcement guidance activities 2022-2025

In order to contribute to an operational enforcement of chemicals legislation that is legally secure, equal and effective at both local and regional level the Swedish Chemicals Agency presents a plan for enforcement guidance activities. The plan is on a two-year basis (earlier three years) and is updated annually. The plan describes which guidance activities the Swedish Chemicals Agency will perform within the period and is supposed to facilitate for municipalities, regional authorities and other central authorities in their planning.

The activities included in the plan are selected based on the measures and activities that are included in the national strategy for enforcement of the Environmental Code and the Swedish Control Plan for the Food Chain. The needs that the municipalities and regional authorities have expressed and the needs that the Swedish Chemicals Agency sees within the next few years are also considered.

There are great benefits in interacting with other authorities with adjoining areas of responsibility concerning the guidance. A joint planning process to develop the respective authorities’ plans has created good conditions.

Major guidance efforts are the national collaborative projects carried out together with municipalities. Another important part of the Agency’s guidance are the seminars on various regulatory areas that we arrange both physically and digitally. We also prioritize our efforts to present concrete and clear guidance material on our guidance webpage.

Last published 23 October 2023