Enforcement 5/21: E-commerce 2020 – Enforcement on pesticides, biocides, chemical products and articles sold via e-commerce

Online sales are increasing rapidly and for market surveillance authorities this poses special challenges and a need for new ways of enforcing this growing market. Enforcement needs to be conducted not only against domestic companies but also against companies based in other countries, within or outside EU. In order to enforce these types of companies, authorities from different member states must cooperate more closely than before and also work with new enforcement methods.

This project is part of the European enforcement project on internet sales (REF-8), where the results will be published in the end of 2021. The Swedish results is presented in this report. Compared to REF-8 this project includes a wider scope of legislation and products. 449 products from 138 companies were investigated. The inspectors checked articles (including toys and electrical products), biocides, chemical products, and plant protection products.

Last published 21 June 2021