Bilateral cooperation with Ukraine

The Swedish Chemicals Agency cooperates with the Ministry of Environment in Ukraine to develop and strengthen the control of chemicals in the country.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is conducting a pre-study for a future cooperation project with Ukraine to develop national chemical control in the country. The cooperation will support development and strengthening of the capacity of the Ukrainian Ministry of Environment and other authorities to work with chemical control and to prepare the country for EU membership. Ukraine is a prioritised country in Sweden's aid policy. The cooperation between the Swedish Chemicals Agency and Ukraine is financed by Sida.

The overall objective is to help reduce the negative effects of chemicals on health and the environment, to create the conditions for membership in EU and establish conditions for the free movement of goods, and to increase chemical safety in order to contribute to sustainable development in Ukraine.

Further information

Read more about Sweden’s cooperation with Ukraine on Sida’s website External link.

Read more about Sweden's development and reform cooperation with Ukraine on the government's website External link. (in Swedish)

Last published 24 January 2024