Our budget and financing

Here we describe how our work is financed and present our latest budget data as well as our annual reports for the last three years. By 2022, the Swedish parliament has assigned 298 million SEK for the work of the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

Letter of appropriation

At the end of each year, the Swedish government will issue directions to the Swedish Chemicals Agency for the coming year. It concerns business goals, assignments, funding and how reporting to the government is going to be.

Our letter of appropriation is available at the website of the Swedish National Financial Management Authority (in Swedish) External link.

In the letter of appropriation, the Government lists which government assignments the Swedish Chemical Agency will get for each year. However, new assignments may be added during the work year, assignments not listed from the start.

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Other financing

The activities of the Swedish Chemicals Agency are largely funded by appropriations. Special revenues finance Nordic secretarial work, contributions to international organisations, support to other countries, convention work, the EU reporting programme on active substances in pesticides and certain consultancy work.

Budget data and annual report

The Swedish Chemicals Agency shall submit an annual report and budget data to the Government annually. The documents shall serve as a basis for the Government's follow-up, review or budgeting of our work.

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Last published 2 January 2024