Apply for authorisation for biocidal products

In order to sell or use a biocidal product, the product must generally be authorised by the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

Biocidal products are pesticides, such as disinfectants, wood preservatives, mosquito repellents, rodenticides, and antifouling paints.

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Contact us well in advance of the application

It is important that you contact us well in advance if the Swedish Chemicals Agency is to evaluate the complete documentation in the application, preferably one year before you submit the application. This is important in order for us to be able to give you the support you need before applying, but also for us to be able to plan our work in a good way.

According to the Biocidal Products Regulation, you are obliged to consult with us prior to an application, if Sweden is to be the reference Member State, that is if the Swedish Chemicals Agency is the authority responsible for evaluating the complete documentation in your application.

We recommend that you book a meeting with relevant officers before submitting such an application, a so-called pre-submission meeting. During this meeting, we can discuss the process, the data requirements or other issues that are relevant to your application. Such a meeting is free of charge for applying companies.

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Things you need to know before you apply

Look at this flow chart to find out if you need to apply for authorisation for your biocidal product and if so, which set of regulations you should follow.


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Flow chart that describe what type of application to choose for a biocidal produkt.


Read more about the biocidal product regulation.