Permit for parallel trade in biocidal products

You may obtain a so-called parallel trade permit in Sweden for a biocidal product authorised in another EU country if it is identical to a product already authorised in Sweden. The holder of a parallel trade permit may import and sell such a product on the Swedish market.

A parallel trade permit applies for the same period as the approval of the product already authorised in Sweden (the reference product). The areas of use and other conditions applying to the reference product also apply to the product covered by the parallel trade permit. You can only obtain a parallel trade permit when the reference product is approved according to the EU-regulation on biocidal products.

A biocidal product is regarded as identical to the reference product if

  • it has been manufactured by the same company or an associated enterprise or else under license using identical manufacturing process
  • its specification and content are identical in respect of the active substance and the type of formulation
  • it is the same in respect of the non-active substances present, and
  • it is either the same or the equivalent in terms of size of packaging, material or form, with regard to the potential adverse impact on the safety of the product for human health, animal health or the environment.

You can apply for a parallel trade permit through the European Chemicals Agency, ECHA, and their register for biocidal products, R4BP External link..

If you have obtained a parallel trade permit, you must supply details on an
annual basis to the Swedish Chemicals Agency regarding the sold and used quantities of the product. You must also pay annual fees based on the sale value.

You will find information on authorised products in Sweden in the Pesticides Register External link. (in Swedish).

Last published 8 March 2023