The Toxicological Council


The Toxicological Council is an expert organisation established an early warning system for the identification of chemical substances that can be harmful to human health or the environment. The Toxicological Council identifies and evaluates signals of New Emerging Risk Chemicals (NERC) and reports its findings to SamTox.

The Toxicological Council is organised by the Swedish Chemicals Agency and comprises representatives from Swedish authorities working in the field of chemicals regulation and several universities covering relevant scientific disciplines related to chemical risks. The members of the Toxicological Council contribute with scientific and regulatory information from their respective authorities and research areas.

The Toxicological Council is assigned to strengthen the systematic monitoring and use of scientific information for identifying New and Emerging Risks Chemicals (NERCs). The Council has also decided to include known but insufficiently managed chemical risks in its evaluations. The Council provides updated and relevant information to The coordination group for new and emerging chemical threats, SamTox.


Annual Report 2017-2018

The Toxicological Council's Progress Report 2017-2018 describes the development of an early warning system in order to be able to detect new potential chemical threats early on. The report highlights two priority areas, PFAS in landfills and cadmium exposure to the public.

Progress report for the Toxicological council 2017-2018 , 626.3 kB.

Last published 10 September 2020