The coordination group for new and emerging chemical threats – SamTox

The coordination group for new and emerging chemical threats, SamTox, is a newly formed group that will facilitate the prevention and management of chemical risks in our society. Through SamTox, together with the Toxicological Council, a network for effective cooperation between responsible authorities in the event of a chemical threat is established.

SamTox and the Toxicological Council forms a structure to ensure rapid and systematic transfer of information and knowledge between responsible authorities and other actors, as well as cooperation in the event of a serious chemical threat. The work will result in an increased collaboration and knowledge exchange between authorities, universities and other actors so that society can timely detect and initiate measures against new potential chemical threats.

SamTox consists of the heads of the Swedish Chemicals Agency, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Medical Products Agency, the Public Health Authority, the National Food Administration, the Swedish Geological Survey (SGU), the National Geotechnical Institute (SGI), the Marine and Water Authority and the Swedish Work Environment Authority. The Swedish Chemicals Agency's Director General is the chair of the group. SamTox meets once a year.

Last published 10 September 2020