Our quality and environmental policy

The Swedish Chemicals Agency strive to reduce the risk of humans and the environment getting harmed by chemicals and our goal is to prevent damage. Through preventive chemical control, we contribute to the implementation of the Global Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We aim to integrates ecological, economic and social sustainability at all levels of our business.

To prevent environmental impact and protect the environment from the operation of the business, we take measures for a sustainable use of resources and reduced climate impact.

We implement our policy by

  • meeting the needs and expectations of our stakeholders
  • being responsive and professional in our actions internally and externally
  • fulfilling our compliance with the legal and other binding requirements and obligations
  • continuously develop the business to improve the quality in our mission and the environmental performance of our operations, including digitalization
  • share our experience and expertise with our stakeholders to support the transition to a sustainable society and a non-toxic circular economy
  • sustainable procurement and develop environmental and social criteria
  • choosing products with focus on reducing environmental impact from a life cycle perspective
  • reducing our climate emissions from our travels and our consumption of resources.
Last published 18 May 2022