The Swedish Chemicals Agency has a new website

The Swedish Chemicals Agency's website has a new look. The purpose of the new website is primarily to simplify for the users and increase accessibility.

The content on the Swedish Chemicals Agency's website is the same, but the look is new and the structure has been partially redesigned.

- The purpose of the changes is primarily to simplify for our users and increase the accessibility. We highlight the content we know is most requested, says Björn Malmström, acting head of communications.

We have redesigned the start page on the website and, among other things, moved the menu with the navigation from left to right. The content has been partially restructured and the most frequently used content – on laws and regulations, pesticides, supervision and international cooperation – is now in four main entrances at the top of the website.

The content about the Swedish Chemicals Agency's mission, work and organization has been moved down to the website footer, along with the information about our government assignments, referrals and consultation responses.

- We believe and hope that the changes will make it easier to find what you need on the website, says Björn Malmström.