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PRIO – A tool for Risk Reduction of Chemicals

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PRIO is a web-based tool that can help you to preventively reduce
health and environmental risks from chemical substances.

The aim of PRIO is to help you in the assessment of health and environmental risks from chemical substances so that people who work as environmental managers, purchasers and product developers can identify the need for risk reduction. In order to achieve this goal, PRIO provides a guide for decision-making that can help you in setting risk reduction priorities.

The target groups for PRIO are primarily Swedish actors but also include chemical suppliers to Sweden in other countries. PRIO also provides a source of knowledge for environmental and health inspectors, environmental auditors, risk analysts and those who in one way or another can influence the use and handling of chemical substances.

PRIO allows users to:

  • Create systematic procedures for environmental issues using the Step by Step Guide
  • Obtain information on prioritised health and environmental properties
  • Identify substances contained in certain substance groups and product types
  • Obtain help in developing routines for purchasing, product development, risk management etc.


In PRIO, the prioritisation of chemical substances for risk reduction measures, follows the recommendations based on the environmental quality objective "A non-toxic environment" - a work towards a sustainable development adopted by the Swedish parliament, and are in line with the objectives in the EU chemicals legislation, Reach. Throughout PRIO, reference is made to Swedish legislation and other Swedish regulations.

PRIO can help you in adapting to Reach and in a work towards a sustainable development.

Linked to PRIO are a number of environmental and health criteria for substances to be prioritised towards a risk reduction work, as well as a database containing examples of such substances.Observe however that the information contained in this tool do not comprise any legal binding.

PRIO was produced by the Swedish Chemicals Agency. Considerations from relevant chemical industries and other authorities have been incorporated during the development of this web-based tool.

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