Substances in chemical products

A chemical product is a substance or a mixture of two or more substances. In the search function in PRIO, you can search for one or several substances. If your start point is a chemical product, you must therefore first find out which chemical substances are included in the product. For some substances in PRIO that are included in chemical products you can also find information on product type. Product type indicates in which types of chemical products the substance in question might occur and what their function is. It is thus not a description of the function of the substance itself. In PRIO you can search for substances that occur in different product types.

The safety data sheet provides you with information on substance content

The safety data sheet gives you information on which substances can be included in the chemical product. The legislation for safety data sheets is harmonised within the EU through the REACH Regulation. The safety data sheets are not always complete, ask your supplier for more information.

Read more about safety data sheets (in Swedish only).

Data from the Swedish Chemicals Agency's Products Register

Data from the Products Register presented in PRIO provides information on the use of chemicals for chemical products. The product type information in PRIO is taken from the Swedish Chemicals Agency's Products Register and is based on the product information provided by manufacturers and importers. All companies that manufacture or import a chemical product to Sweden must report the product's content to the Products Register.

For certain substances in PRIO there is information on:

  • Product type that indicates which different types of chemical products the relevant substance is included in and what their function is. It is thus not a description of the function of the substance itself.
  • How many of these are consumer available.
  • How large volumes of the substance are handled (tons).
  • In which year the information was reported to the Products Register.

The information is based on data reported to the Swedish Chemicals Agency's Products Register. The data from the Products Register does not include information on presence of the substance in articles. In some cases, the number of chemical products cannot be specified due to the fact that fewer than three companies have notified the substance. If a product is not available to the consumer but has a registered tonnage, this means that the product is only used professionally. Professional use of chemical substances and products involves training in the safe handling of the product, as well as access to personal safety equipment such as goggles, gloves or respiratory protection if required.

For current data on substances from the Products Register, see the database KemI-stat.

Last published 19 June 2023