PRIO has been updated with 5 700 new PFAS substances

PFAS, US EPA Master List has been added as a new reference in PRIO. The US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has set up a comprehensive database of PFAS substances (PFAS Master List) based on several internal and external sources. The reference PFAS, US EPA Master List in PRIO refers to as selection of PFAS substances from this database that fulfils the OECD PFAS definition (2021) and that have associated CAS numbers.

As a results of the addition of a new reference, 5700 new PFAS substances were added to the PRIO database. PRIO now contains a total of almost 11 000 PFAS substances. All PFAS substances in PRIO fulfils the OECD PFAS definition from 2021. It is also the OECD's definition of PFAS that was used as the basis for the EU restriction proposal for PFAS* that Sweden together with 4 other member states submitted to Echa in February 2023.

*In the current proposal a few types of PFAS subgroups that are considered as degradable are excluded from the scope of the restriction. Read more about the restriction proposal.

Read more about references to substances in PRIO.

Last published 15 November 2023