Three substances in PRIO updated with the reference Stockholm Convention

In May 2023, a decision was made to add an additionally three substances or substances groups to the Stockholm Convention for global phasing out. The three newly added substances are:

  • Methoxychlor (CAS-Number: 72-43-5, EC-Number: 200-779-9)
  • Dechlorane Plus (Several CAS/EG-Number, e.g., CAS-Number: 135821-03-3, 135821-74-8, 13560-89-9)
  • UV-328 (CAS-Number: 25973-55-1, EC-Number: 247-384-8)

These substances were already included in the PRIO database. Dechlorane Plus and UV-328 are both identified as SVHC substances on the Candidate List in the REACH regulation (EC no. 1907/2006). Methoxychlor, which previously met the criterion of potential PBT/vPvB in PRIO, has now been updated to PBT/vPvB at the priority level phase-out substance with the references Stockholm Convention.

Last published 16 June 2023