PFAS, ChemSec SIN List – new reference in PRIO

PFAS, ChemSec SIN List has been added as a new reference in PRIO. The SIN List is the International Chemicals Secretariat's (ChemSec) list of substances which, based on their assessment, meet the criteria for being substances of very high concern (SVHC) according to the REACH regulation. The SIN List includes a selection of PFAS substances with registered uses (production or import) in the EU and/or the USA. The reference PFAS, ChemSec SIN list refers to PFAS substances on the SIN List.

As a results of the addition of a new reference, 187 new PFAS substances were added to the PRIO database. PRIO now contains a total of 5220 PFAS substances.

Last published 9 June 2023