Search for properties hazardous to human health and the environment

How hazardous is your substance? To assess whether a substance is hazardous, you may search the PRIO database. When assessing the hazard of a chemical, it is the inherent properties of the substance that are important, for example whether the substance is toxic, allergenic, or persistent. You can find out if the substance has any hazardous environmental and health properties and if the substance falls under PRIO's criteria. Note that the criteria in PRIO refer to the hazardous properties of individual substances (not mixtures).

In the Standard Search, you can search by chemical name, CAS Number or EC Number. The Batch Search allows you to search on multiple CAS Numbers or EC Numbers at the same time. In addition to searching on individual substances, the Advanced Search allows you also to search on hazardous properties for health and the environment, on priority level, subject groups, occurrence in materials, product types or references. It is also possible to combine different search parameters. To create a list of your search results, click on "Export the search result to Excel". In the "Search settings" tab of the Excel document the date is shown for when the search was performed and which search parameters that were used.