Statistics in brief - Volumes of chemical products per danger class

Graph - Volumes of chemical products per danger class in 2011.

Source: Products Register, Swedish Chemicals Agency 2011. 

The turnover of chemical products on the Swedish market during 2011 totalled approximately 87,000,000 tonnes, of which about 19,000,000 tonnes were exported.

Fuels such as petrol and diesel are handled in the largest quantities and are classified as toxic. During 2010 much of the petroleum product´s quantity was also reclassified to new danger classes. Products classified according to the new system for classification of chemical danger cover over one third of the total quantity.

The quantity judged not to be dangerous to health is one-fifth of the total quantity, and less than one-fifth consists of harmful products, where the harmfulness is often due to their content of organic solvents.

The quantity of irritant and corrosive substances is one-tenth and consists mainly of cement and inorganic acids.