Statistics in brief - The ten types of products handled in the largest quantities

Product types handled in the largest quantities in 2011
Product typeQuantity (tonnes)No. of products
Raw materials for synthesis (sundry) 27,439,532 1,555
Motor fuel (for internal combustion engines) 18,594,375 194
Fuels, fuel oil (sundry) 12,026,120 223
Heating agents 4,219,352 48
Raw material for plastic manufacturing 3,534,846 3,728
Cement, mortar 3,398,806 815
Fertilisers 1,267,255 451
Raw materials for paper production 1,114,215 549
Asphalt, bitumen, tar 864,309 315
pH-regulating agents 830,309 465

Source: Products Register, Swedish Chemicals Agency, 2011.

The largest quantitative turnover is in chemical products used for their energy content.

Raw material for synthesis also includes the amount of crude oil imported by Sweden for upgrading to motor fuels and heating oils, among other things.

The same quantity of petroleum, consequently, recurs in the table at two points, as raw material and as finished product.

Cement and asphalt for construction and heavy engineering purposes are other big products, together with chemicals for pulp and paper manufacturing. Also the turn-over of fertilisers is over one million tonnes in Sweden.  

Raw materials for the plastic industry are among the products handled in the largest quantities, and are also among the products occurring in the largest numbers.

Also for fertilisers the turn-over was more than one million tonnes in 2011.