Statistics in brief - The ten most common types of products in Sweden

Number of products by product type, 2011
FunctionsNo. of productsQuantity (tonnes)
Paints and varnishes, all types 10,958 457,000
Cleaners, all types 8,064 259,000
Lubricants, all types 6,614 340,000
Pigment and colouring agents, all types 4,338 65,000
Raw materials for plastic manufacturing 3,728 3,530,000
Surface active agents 3,397 150,000
Raw material for rubber manufacturing 3,343 131,000
Binders for paint, adhesives (sundry) 3,185 990,000
Adhesives, all types 3,114 150,000
Filling agents 2,371 161,000

Source: Products Register, Swedish Chemicals Agency, 2011. 

Some product types exist with many trademarks for different applications: special lubricants, paints, cleaners, fillers and adhesives. The remaining products listed above are chemical products constituting raw materials for industry. This kind of end products are to a great extent manufactured within the country and comprise both domestic and industrial products.

During 2011 there were about 87,000 chemical products in Sweden.