Statistics in brief - The products register, turn-over 1996-2011

The products register was started in 1978 and encompasses all chemical products, pure substances as well as mixtures, which are imported or manufactured in more than 100 kg a year.

The quantity imported or manufactured last year is reported annually by the companies. What kind of data that has to be reported has been expanded through the years. Information on contained substances, the use of the product and the hazard classification is also included in the report.

The Products register, turn-over 1996-2011, quantity. The Products register, turn-over 1996-2011, number of products.

Source: Products Register, Swedish Chemicals Agency, 2011.

The total turnover of chemical products in Sweden is, according to the products register, fairly constant between 70 and 85 million tonnes. Fluctuations in the economic situation are reflected in the chart. The number of imported or manufactured chemical products is steadily increasing, from 57 000 under 1996 to 87 000 reported for 2011. The number of chemical products intended for consumers has grown from 8 500  to 15 300 during the same time.