Statistics in brief - Suppliers of chemicals for different sectors

Of the about 2,000 companies that report to the products register one fourth, 489 companies, are exporters of one or more products.

Most users buy their chemicals from companies that import or manufacture chemicals that are intended specifically for their sector or for sale to consumers via the retail trade.

The construction sector has the largest number of different suppliers of chemicals; 305 importing or manufacturing companies during 2011. Many different companies also sell to the metal product industry, plastic product industry, cleaning companies and the paper industry.

81 companies sell to the health care sector. 55 companies sell chemicals to consumers in other ways than in the retail trade, i.e. on the internet and by mail order.

Very few companies have reported that they supply sectors like opticians and manufactures of nuclear fuel with chemical products.

Suppliers of chemicals for different sectors, year 2011
SNI codeSectorNumber of companies
EXP Export 489
F Construction industry 305
G47 Retailsale, except for such with motor vehicles 301
C25 Industry for fabricated metal products 230
C22.2 Industry for plastic products 210
G46.75 Wholesale of chemical products 192
N81.2 Cleaning companies and chimney-sweepers 174
C17 Industry for pulp, paper and paper products 170
C20.3 Paint industry 160
C10 Food product industry 141
G45 Sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles 137
C20.59 Production of other chemical products but synthetic fibres 135
G45.2 Maintenance and repair garages for motor vehicles 132
C22.1 Industry for plastic and rubber products 121
C24 Industry for basic metals 119
C25.6 Surface treatment and coating of metals 113
A01 Agriculture 111
C18 Publishers and printers; other industry for reproduction 103
C16 Industry for wood and products of wood 100
C28 Industry for machinery and equipment 99
D35 Electricity,gas,steam and air conditioning supply 95
C29 Industry for motor vehicles 91
G47.523 Paint shop 91
H Transport and storage 89
G46 Wholesale trade except of motor vehicles 89
G45.3 Sales establishments for motor vehicle parts and accessories 84
C27 Industry for electrical machinery and apparatus n.e.c. 84
Q Health and sick care, veterinary clinics 81
G46.9 Wholesale trade, others 79
C20.41 Industry for cleaning and polishing preparations 77
S Services 74
C32 Other industrial production 73
C20.14 Industry for organic basic chemicals 73
C30 Boat building-, bicycle-, aircraft- and railmounted vehicles industry 71
C20.52 Industry for glues 68
C21.2 Industry for pharmaceutical preparations 64
C23.6 Industry for articles of concrete, plaster and cement 64
E37 Purifying and waste treatment plants 62
G47.9 Retail sale not in stores 55
C13 Textile industry 55
C20.42 Industry for perfumes and toiletries 54
C20.16 Industry for plastics in primary forms 53
C19 Industry for coke, refined petroleum products 48
C20.13 Industry for inorganic basic chemicals 47
G47.3 Petrol stations 44
A02 Forestry 44
C21.1 Industry for basic pharmaceutical products 44
L Real estate companies 44
C31 Furniture industry 44
C23.1 Industry for glass and glass products 43
G47.643 Retail sale of  boating and car accessories 41
B Mines and quarries 41
E36 Water supply plant 40
S96.01 Laundries and drycleaning establishments 40
C23.5 Industry for cement, lime and plaster 38
I Hotels and restaurants 37
O84.2 Public administration 37
G46.44 Wholesale of china and glassware, wallpaper and cleaning materials 35
C26 Industry of office machinery and computers 35
M72 Institutes for research and development 34
M71.2 Companies for technical testing and analysis 33
S96.09 Other service activities n.e.c. 31
C15 Tanneries; industry for leather goods 30
C23.9 Industry for abrasives, rockwool and glass wool 30
C20.12 Industry for dyes and pigments 27
C26.3 Manufacture of communication equipment 26
G47.64 Sports shop 26
C20.2 Industry for pesticides 26
C20.51 Industry for explosives 26
R93.1 Sporting activities 24
C23.4 Industry for ceramic products 24
C26.7 Industry for medical, precision and optical instruments 23
C20.17 Industry for synthetic rubber in primary forms 22
G46.12 Agents involved in the sale of fuels, ores, metals and industrial chemicals 21
C20.15 Industry for fertilizers and nitrogen compounds 21
G46.46 Wholesale of pharmaceutical goods 16
P Educational system 15
G47.531 Retail sale of wallpaper and floor covering 15
M74.204 Photographic laboratories 13
C20.11 Industry for industrial gases 13
G47.73 Pharmacy 12
C23.7 Industry for stone products 11
C20.6 Industry for man-made fibres 11
E38.3 Recycling industry 10
A03 Fishermen, fish farmers 9
O84.22 Total defence 9
E38 Purifying and waste treatment plants 9
C11 Beverage industry 8
S95.2 Repair shops for personal and household goods 8
C23.32 Industry for bricks, tiles and construction products, in baked clay 8
M75 Health and sick care, veterinary clinics 7
C14 Manufacture of wearing apparel; dressing 6
C23.31 Industry for ceramic tiles and flags 6
C12 Tobacco industry 5
G47.782 Shops for photographic equipment 4
G47.4 Computer shops 4
C20.53 Industry for essential oils 3
G47.772 Jeweller's shop 3
C26.2 Industry of office machinery and computers 2
G47.781 Optician 2
C24.46 Processing of nuclear fuel 1

Source: Products Register, Swedish Chemicals Agency 2011.