Statistics in brief - Registration in REACH from Swedish companies

Up to March 2012, 122 Swedish companies had registered substances in REACH.

62 companies had registered import of one or several substances.

105 companies had registered manufacture of at least one substance. 26 of these are pulp or paper producers or processing by-products from these industries.

22 of the companies had reported a substance as both imported and manufactured.

Eight companies are "only representatives".

511 Registrations had been made, that means that there are 511 combinations between a company and a substance.

Number of registration by volume
 Tonnage bandNumber of registrations
  1-10 17
  10-100 15
  100- 50
  100-1000 1
  >1000 428
Total number of registrations   511

Source: Products Register, Swedish Chemicals Agency.

A substance can be manufactured or imported by several companies. Each company has to register the substance. Thus the number of registrations doesn't correspond to the number of registered substances. The number of substances is considerably lower than the registrations. The 511 registrations were made for 296 substances.

Number of registrations by type of substance
Type of substanceNumber of registrationsUnique substances
Petroleum refinery "substances" 102 61
By-products from pulping and simple derivatives 82 21
Metals and by-products from metal manufacturing 48 23
Monomers and process chemicals for pulping 48 19
Other substances 231 172
All registrations 511 296

Source: Products Register, Swedish Chemicals Agency.

At refining of petroleum many fractions are produced at different boiling points. They are registered as "substances" of their own even though they consist of many single substances. Large Swedish industrial sectors as pulp industry and metal production manufacture substances that are liable for registration as pure metals and different by-products. Also the "substances" from pulping consist of many single substances. Substances from refineries, pulping and metal production make up 35 per cent of the Swedish registrations so far.