Statistics in brief - Number of chemical products per reporting company

Any company importing, manufacturing or changing names of chemical products shall provide a report to the Swedish Chemical Agency's Products Register, stating certain information on the use and contents of the products. About 2,500 companies have registered manufacture or import of chemical products in Sweden.

Graph. Number of chemical products per reporting company.

Source: Products Register, Swedish Chemicals Agency 2010. 

50 per cent of the companies have each registered five products or less. One fifth of all companies have only one product registered. 28 companies reported more than 500 products each, double the number of big actors since 2003. They account for the registration of 32 per cent of all chemicals.

The number of companies that register few products seems to have decreased. There also seems to be an increase in the number of companies that registered more than five products. One reason for this could be that companies importing a few products for their own use have a commercial agent to fulfil the obligation to report on their behalf. Another explanation could be that there are fewer new companies manufacturing or importing chemicals in a small scale with few products. The number of reporting companies has decreased a little whereas the number of products has increased considerably in 2010.

The annual turn-over of companies in the register is about ten per cent.

Number of chemical products per reporting company, 2010
Number of products per companyNumber of companiesTotal number of products
1 427 431
2 - 5 609 1,921
6 - 50 812 14,746
51 - 500 280 40,205
>500 28 26,977
Total 2,156 84,280

Source: Products Register, Swedish Chemicals Agency 2010.

Please note that the intervals for number of products are unequal.

A small share of the companies declare a large share of the products. 308 companies, 14 per cent of all reporting companies have each more than 50 products registered. That equals 80 per cent of all products.

Many more companies, about 50 per cent, contribute with only a few products each. Together they have registered three per cent of all products.