Statistics in brief - Number of chemical products per danger class

Graph - Number of chemical products per danger class in 2011.
Source: Products Register, Swedish Chemicals Agency 2011.

In 2011, there were about 87,000 chemical products in Sweden, some 18 per cent of which were available to consumers. About 19,000 products were exported that year.

More than half of all chemical products were classified not to be hazardous to health by the enterprises marketing them.

The toxic share is small considering the number of products, but by volume it is large.

Products which primarily have effects in direct contact, i.e. irritant and corrosive, constitute over one quarter.

A sixth of the number of products are harmful to health, often due to their content of organic solvents.

Still, in 2011 only five per cent of the products are classified according to the new system for classification of chemical hazard.