Statistics in brief - Chemical products labelled as dangerous for the environment sold to various sectors

Quantities in 2010 (tonnes)
SectorQuantity environmentally dangerous products
Petroleum refineries 19,129,554
Export 10,422,907
Retail trade 6,399,234
Electricity, gas, heat, water suppliers 2,180,184
Transport companies 1,387,326
Chemical industry 666,475
Agriculture, forestry 60,390
Service, community services 55,160
Construction, real estate 50,399
Metal ware industry 24,511
Pulp and paper 24,149
Steel and metal production 21,055
Plastic and rubber 14,395
Food, textile, wood, leather 10,543
Mining 1,380
Glass and ceramics 658
Publishing, printing sector 279

Source: Overview of chemicals, Swedish Chemicals Agency, 2010.

The chemical products currently classified as dangerous for the environment are shown. The quantity of chemical products that are classified as dangerous for the environment has increased rapidly since the obligation to classify also preparations (mixtures) was introduced in 2002.

As crude oil and most petroleum products are used in huge quantities and classified as dangerous for the environment, petroleum refineries, petrol stations, combustion plants and transport services are the largest sectors handling such products.