Statistics in brief - Amount of chemical products hazardous to health per person and year

Graph. Amount of chemical products hazardous to health per person per annum, 1996-2011.

Source: Products Register, Swedish Chemicals Agency.

Both in Sweden and through many international organisations, work is in progress to construct key ratios for conveniently monitoring and showing whether we are heading for a society with greater or smaller risks of chemical-related injuries.

Summarising such complex relations in one intelligible unit of measurement has proved difficult. One Swedish indicator proposed for chemical use is per capita turnover of chemical products hazardous to health. In 2011, this was 7.1 tonnes according to the Products Register.

Since fuel use makes up a large part of this quantity, fuel share is shown separately. The total amount increased between 2005 and 2006 due to the fact that the companies at that time classified more fuels as hazardous. In 2008 a considerable lower amount of fuels was reported, then the amount increased again.

In Statistics Sweden's work on material flow analyses, the total direct inflow of material in 2009 was estimated to be 19 tonnes per capita.