Swedish regulations on usage of two-component epoxy in relining

Relining is a method used for renovating tap water pipes in a building or in the ground by covering the interior of the existing pipes with a thin layer of plastic. This layer of plastic might be an epoxy-based material or another material.

Ban on two-component epoxy which contains bisphenol A or bisphenol A diglycidylether

In Sweden, there is a ban on certain epoxy-based materials when renovating tap water pipes by means of use a relining. According to the ban, two-component epoxy which contains bisphenol A or bisphenol A diglycidylether must not be used when casting new plastic pipes within old tap water pipes. The ban only applies to chemical products that consist of a base and a hardener which are mixed at the place of the casting.

Chemical Products (Handling, Import and Export Prohibitions) Ordinance (1998:944), 2-2a §§ External link. (In Swedish)

Prevent bisphenol A in tap water

Epoxy-based materials which are used when renovating tap water pipes may contain and emit bisphenol A (BPA). In this context, tap water pipes refer to pipes intended for drinking water and hot water for consumption.

Bisphenol A is a substance with endocrine disrupting properties and is also classified as toxic for reproduction. At present the recommended concentration of bisphenol A that may cause negative effects for human health is debated and it is believed that effects may occur at even much lower concentrations. To prevent that bisphenol A is emitted into tap water, a Swedish ban on usage of certain epoxy-based materials in new renovations of tap water pipes by means of use a relining, applies from the 1 September 2016.

Read more about the background of the ban in the Swedish Chemicals Agency’s report 7/13 – Avgivning av bisfenol A (BPA) vid renovering av dricksvattenrör (in Swedish).

Read more about bisphenol A on the European Chemicals Agency´s, Echas, webpage. External link.

Dispensation from the ban

If there are special reasons, the Swedish Chemicals Agency may grant a dispensation from the ban. The application fee is 15.000 SEK. You must submit a written application and provide sufficient reasons for a dispensation. We may only grant dispensations in individual cases.

Last published 8 May 2023