More about the POPs Regulation

The POPs Regulation implements the Stockholm Convention by banning or restricting the use of POP substances in both chemical products and articles. The Regulation also contains provisions on the unintentionally produced POP emissions in the form of the POPs Protocol on Heavy Metals within the framework of the Geneva Convention on Long-Range, Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP).

POP substances are added to the Regulation from both the Conventions and are listed in Annex 1–4.

The POPs Regulation has a direct application in all EU member countries in the same way as does national legislation. This means that the Regulation does not need to be introduced in Sweden in the form of a special law or regulation. The Swedish Chemicals Agency and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency are jointly responsible for Swedish efforts to implement the POPs Regulation. Information provided by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency on the Regulation.

The member countries decide for themselves the penalties for breach of the Regulation. The Swedish provisions on penalties were introduced in Chapter 29 of the Environmental Code.